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Vocational Capacity Evaluations in Marital Dissolution

An important decision during divorce proceedings is the amount and duration of financial support required from one spouse, who may have more resources, for the other spouse, who may be unemployed or not working maximally. The subject of a vocational capacity evaluation is to determine the present and future earning potential of a spouse, the timing of earnings, and how earnings are expected to increase over time.  The default assumption is that a person should be able to work full-time, but there are many extenuating circumstances that need to be considered in the evaluation, including age constraints, health and disability, the needs of dependent children, and cultural and language limitations.

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Labor Market Research

Once viable job titles are identified through interview and assessment, labor market research is carried out to determine the availability of jobs, or the prevalence of industries, within the person's geographical region. This can involve identifying job openings from job publications, employer sites, and other information sources. Job descriptions and requirements are reviewed for goodness of fit with the evaluee.

Vocational Plan

A vocational plan is developed that may identify a variety of career options. These may include immediate job goals requiring a job search but no additional formal education, or may represent a career choice that will require further training or education. A vocational plan can include the steps, costs, timing, and barriers to implementing a career choice.

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Give us a call for immediate response to your particular needs. Gathering as much information in advance will contribute to quicker solutions. Dr. Greenwood will provide a practical, objective, and informed vocational opinion during the difficult proceedings of divorce.

Vocational Assessment

Vocational assessment with the objective of determining employability begins with an interview that obtains information in regard to an individual's personal, family, and social circumstances, health status, education and training, work experience, and skills.  Assessment will also involve the use of standardized vocational measures to measure a person's aptitudes, academic skills, job interests, personality, and work style preferences.

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