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Leah P. Greenwood, Ph.D., D/ABPP, F/ABVE

Rehabilitation Psychologist

Vocational Expert

Dr. Greenwood brings over 25 years of experience in rehabilitation psychology to her practice, specializing in aiding individuals with disabilities to enhance their functioning in school and work environments. As a board-certified rehabilitation psychologist, she holds advanced training in neuropsychological evaluation, vocational rehabilitation planning, disability determination, and forensic vocational opinion. She is recognized in both state and federal civil courts as an expert in vocational matters, including determination of earning capacity, wage loss, employability, and access to the labor market. Located in Exton, Pennsylvania, within Chester County, Dr. Greenwood serves clients throughout Southeastern and central PA and northern Delaware as a forensic vocational expert.

Greenwood Vocational Consulting

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Vocational Capacity Evaluations in Civil Injury

In civil injury or tort actions, a vocational capacity evaluation can be used to determine any loss of earnings associated with occupational disability following an injury, such as in a motor vehicle accident, a "slip-and-fall," product liability, and medical malpractice.

Vocational Capacity Evaluations in Marital Dissolution 

A vocational capacity evaluation is often requested in family law decisions where knowledge of a divorcing spouse's maximal earning capacity is needed in the determination of support.

Vocational Capacity Evaluations in Employment Law

A vocational capacity evaluation is frequently needed to determine the vocational impact of employer actions when claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, and other violations of employee protections are made.

Office: 610-214-2090

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